Welcome to Chadron's historic "First Church", a congregation of the UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST.

The people of First Congregational Church have been gathering in this place of worship since 1885. We welcome all who seek faith, hope, love, and joy. We trust you will find among us an open, accepting, non-judgmental Spirit where lives are transformed and faith renewed.

The First Church in Chadron located at 4th & Chadron Avenue(formerly Egan Street)

Shortly after the townsite of Chadron was selected on August 1, 1885, the Reverend Harmon Bross, a Congregational missionary, conducted the first worship service in the fledgling community. For a time, services were held in the open air or in tents. On August 23, 1885, it was decided to organize a Congregational Church.

Chadron's first church was built on this site in the fall of 1885. The total cost of the building and lot was $1775. The Congregational Church of Chadron was dedicated on Sunday, December 20, 1885, and stood here until 1959 when the new church was completed. The original building was moved to a new location when the present building was completed. It is the current location of the Kenwood Baptist Church in Chadron Nebraska.

The original Chadron Academy

Chadron Academy was established by First Congregation Church in 1888 to further the education of the area. In 1890, a fine brick building was erected which, two years later, was totally destroyed by fire. School continued without a day's delay, and a larger new brick building was soon took it's place. In 1911, it was deeded to the State of Nebraska as the start of Chadron State College.

Chadron Academy Building (in the foreground) & the center portion of the Chadron State College Administration Building

The first minister of the Chadron First Congregational Church, Rev. Harmon Bross